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Nutrition Wellness Package 

Do you often ask yourself, “What should I eat?” or want to feel more satisfied with your eating patterns?  Do you have a vision of your best self, but unsure how to get there? Nutrition is one of the most powerful lifestyle tools to help with:

  • Immune Response

  • Prevention & Management of Chronic Disease

  • Nutrient Optimization

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Energy Levels 

  • Stress Response

  • Digestive Health and Microbiome Support

  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation

At your first session, we’ll explore your health goals and what’s most important to you, your most challenging and subtle symptoms, and day-to-day successes and struggles surrounding food.  Together, we’ll create an integrative nutrition plan clarifying foods that heal while also compassionately exploring foods that may be barriers to your best health. Lastly, I'll teach you how to translate the nutrition to your plate.   

3-Month Wellness Package:

  • 1, 75-minute discovery session

  • 2, 60-minute follow-up sessions

  • FREE 3-month meal planning service

  • Personalized supplement plan

For optimal results, I recommend a minimum of 3 nutrition visits, however individual appointments are available by request. 

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