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Functional Nutrition Precision Package

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The Functional Nutrition Precision Package, includes all the elements of the Nutrition Wellness Package PLUS a detailed functional nutrition lab report that identifies your unique nutritional needs and imbalances.  If you truly want to take the guesswork out of nutrition, this is the plan I recommend. 

Why?  Nutrition is complex and although symptoms are a critical part of identifying imbalances, sometimes they are not enough to get the results you want.  Functional nutrition tests identify opportunities to better target nutrition and heal from conditions caused or exacerbated by nutritional imbalances. Being certain about what nutrients are within the optimal range and which ones are out of range allows me to design, together with you, a precise nutrition plan aimed at restoring your unique health.  

3-Month Precision Package:

  • 1, 75-minute discovery session

  • Detailed functional nutrition lab report

  • 2, 60-minute follow-up sessions 

  • Weekly Q & A

  • Personalized supplement plan

  • 3-month FREE meal plan subscription

For optimal results, I recommend a minimum of 3 nutrition visits, however individual appointments are available by request. . 

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