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Fruits and Vegetables

Would you like to take the guesswork out of nutrition?
Are you ready to start feeling your best?

I'm Kerry, Registered Dietitian and owner of Gundlach Nutrition.
I passionately believe food is medicine and
 that self-compassion and curiosity are central to unlocking a path of radiant health and wellness.
Using principles of integrative and functional nutrition, I'll work alongside
you to create a personalized nutrition plan based 
on a combination of symptom assessment, dietary analysis, detailed functional nutrition lab work, and exploration of what matters most to YOU. 
You will walk away with targeted food and supplement recommendations, options for tailored meal plans, and culinary skills support. 

Whether you're looking to radically redesign your nutrition, or simply fine-tune it, let's chat to learn how my services can help you.​

Services & Packages

Elevate your nutrition and wellness to the next level!

  • Nutrition Wellness Package

  • Functional Nutrition Precision Package

  • Nutrition to Plate Package

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